Bellarmine Bay Area VEX Robotics Challenge

The Bellarmine Bay Area VEX Robotics Challenge is this Saturday. Who all is planning on attending. I understand that they will already have a 09’ VEX champion attending.

Congrats to 254 on winning the Beach Cities Robotics/SMI competiton this past weekend.

We would love to be there, but our BEST competiton is the same time.

We have a great turnout this early in the season - we’re expecting at least 17 teams:


Here’s the tournament schedule:

Schedule for Friday 10/30
We will be setting up the Gym on Friday 10/30 after 3 pm and hope to be set up by 6 pm.  You are welcome to join us to help set up.  The sooner we finish the earlier practice can begin.  We will then have the Gym available from about 6 pm to 9:00 pm for practice.
We will likely have inspections for the robot available during this time.  The earlier the inspections can be completed the better for the team and the event.

Doors Open         3:00 pm
Set-up             3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Practice           6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Inspections        7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Tentative)

Schedule for Saturday 10/31:
Doors Open         7:30 am    
Inspections        8:00 am - 10:00 am
Practice Rounds    9:00 am – 10:00 am  (first come, first serve)
Opening Ceremony  10:00 am - 10:15 am
Qualifications    10:15 am - 12:15 pm
Lunch             12:15 am -  1:00 pm  (Pizza can be ordered at check-in, concessions and small Mexican restaurant across street)
Qualifications     1:00 pm -  2:15 pm  (5-8 matches per team total)
Alliance Selection 2:15 pm -  2:30 pm
Play-offs          2:30 pm -  4:00 pm  
Closing Ceremony   4:30 pm -  5:00 pm
Programming Skills     Ongoing during qualification matches on Field 2 (must sign up for time)
Robot Skills           Ongoing during qualification matches on Field 2 (must sign up for time)

In addition to the regular performance-based and judged awards, we will be giving out tournament banners to the Tournament and Excellence Award winners, courtesy of our friends from Team 1429. Here’s an example:

Results will be posted here afterward. Looking forward to seeing everybody there!

My team will be attending the competition, 1031 from Will C Wood HS, Vacaville.
Really looking forward to the event. hoping to show up around 9am Sat.
Just curious if I should bring a crystal set up along with my vexnet, i recently got it working.
Cheers and GL to all,

Please bring the crystal receivers (but not the crystals!), because I can’t guarantee that we’ll have a VEXNet control system by then. If we do, it will most likely be a loaner.

That being said, if you can easily switch between crystal and VEXNet in the pits, I can’t see a problem with using VEXNet, which should save you the usual tether hassles.

Here are some of the awards I can name off the top of my head; I’ll post more complete ones when I find the match results and elimination bracket.

Amaze Award
254E, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep

Judges’ Awards
1000D, Foothill Falcons, Foothill High School
254C, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep

Programming Skills
1st: 1337, Private Group
2nd: 254C, Bellarmine College Prep

Robot Skills
1st: 254A, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep
2nd: 254C, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep

Tournament Finalists
1000B, Foothill Falcons, Foothill High School (#2 Alliance)
254E, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep
254S, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep

Tournament Champions
1000D, Foothill Falcons, Bellarmine College Prep (#1 Alliance)
254A, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep
1445B, Independence High School

**Excellence Award
254A, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep

I’d like to recognize a few teams for their exemplary effort and performance:
Team 1445, from Independence High School, constructed two robots in about two weeks - one reached the semifinals, the other won the tournament. Their initial success has led their mentors to consider hosting their own tournament later this season.
Team 4949 was a ten-year-old student from Booksin Elementary who modified his protobot for the Clean Sweep game, but still ranked high enough to become the third alliance captain.
Team 9339, The Vex Aztecs, consisted of only two middle school students funded only by their parents. Their robot reached the tournament semifinals, even though they were only introduced to Vex this past summer.**


Wow, looks like the 254 teams came ready to play.

You know its not nice to invite all those teams to your event , and then you go an win all the awards…:stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats to all teams who competed. Looks like it was a great event.

I second Sunny’s request!

Below are the files we have saved from the tournament.

Soon…they are trickling in and we’re sorting them out.

We’re pulling half the 254 fleet out of Fairfield next week - leaving A, C, E, and S.
Elimination Results.pdf (8 KB)
Programming Skills Rankings.pdf (5.75 KB)
Qualification Results.pdf (17 KB)
Robot Skills Rankings.pdf (6.42 KB)
Team List.pdf (8.38 KB)

You have a typo. It should be:

Tournament Champions
1000D, Foothill Falcons, Foothill High School (#1 Alliance)
254A, The Cheesy Poofs, Bellarmine College Prep
1445B, Independence High School

-Andrew, 1000d

My bad…:o - thanks for the correction.

Pictures are posted on our website: We tried to respect other teams’ privacy, so don’t expect high-resolution robot closeups.

Did you guys run 2 fields, or was the other one used for practice only?

And how hard was it to run BOTH Vexnet and the crystals?

We only ran one field - the other was for practice on Friday and Skills Challenges on Saturday.

I don’t know who used VEXNet. A few teams had it (254A, 1031, 9339, etc.), but I know 254A and 9339 didn’t use theirs. 1031 might have - you could ask Andrew (Dreadnaught1031).

So you ran the entire competition with crystals only, right? I guess we are going to have to wait til December when they are available to all teams to get a complete vexnet run competition. I am wondering, with the cost being what it is, if teams are even considering purchasing it this year, and if the Worlds will require all teams to have it by then.

Yeah if you’re looking for Andrew that’s me :slight_smile:
Yes, my team and I were using vexnet throughout the competition, every single match.
We were set up for crystals but something wasn’t going right so i just switched over quickly. i was using the vexnet master code and i dont know if that messes with the field control, but yeah vexnet went perfectly smooth.
As far as performance, i felt no delay or interruption/interference during any matches. As far as I know, there were no conflicts running it with crystals in the same match; i just stuck the black competition cable in rather than the other set up for being connected to field control…

So, i dont know if it complicates what the refs/match controlling people had to do to run matches right, but i would definitely recommend vexnet for all competitions, just because theres no worrying over interference, mixing crystals up, or misc hassles that just seem unnecessary…
What amused me the most was the surprised look on the crystal management people’s faces when i always refused the crystals…i felt bad confusing them in the already confusing conditions of a tournament :o

Feel free to ask any more questions, i feel as though i was rambling a bit…
Happy competing,

We have the crystal / VEXnet field electronics for Houston VEX. We will bring it for all the practice scrimmages & main competition. I don’t expect many teams to run with the VEXnet system but if they do we will be ready for them.

As long as the event is using the VEXnet Alliance Splitter boards (which they’d have to be to support VEXnet), there is no difference at all to people controlling the match whether VEXnet or crystals are used.

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