Bellarmine Tournament Practice Match - 5327A and 5327C score 88 points

Hey guys!
This past weekend at the Bellarmine Bay Area VEX Robotics Tournament our team, 5327A, and team 5327C scored 88 points in a pre-competition practice match.

Here are two different video angles of the match:

I was there when it happened… Pretty sexy. Nice work guys:)

Very well done. These two robots worked very well as a team. A little time and practice and I can see these guys getting well into the high 90’s in terms of points in a match.

Interesting to see bar-lifts this year yet again, in a game where I thought that scissor lifts would dominate.

Did I only see 3 cubes on the floor for red at the end? That is crazy! So apparently at worlds its going to come down to “owning” post points to win? Because all skyrises will be built and filled…therefore the extra “owning” point on the normal goals is going to be the only determining factor?

Also autonomous bonus; just like last year.

Ah yes, good point.

At a tournament last weekend in Georgia, my team and Dunwoody high school got 88 points in the final match. The other team layed down, it was hilarious.

Nice run teams!

This past weekend:

TMT Big Island Tournament - Final 1-1, 359A & 3590 = 90 points

Space City VEX - QF 1-1, 118 & 231A = 92 points (one cube on ground)

Is there any video of these matches? I’m really enjoying seeing these high scores.

You know you have done something right when Karthik chimes in! Nice job to the teams getting these scores!

which have been the highest score in skyrise until now:confused:

i know hawaiian kids scored 92, have this score been overcome?

Well BNS and Leland’s team beat QCC in a college match. :wink:
106 92

hahahaha:D:D be serious!!

No, 92 is the official high score as of 11/22/2014.

I’m very interested to see how the matches will be at Worlds. I imagine the few points it comes down to will be the Auton bonus and owning points. This game might end up being more of a head to head style game than previously thought.

The current highscores are always here.

Thanks to AURA :slight_smile:

If my calculations are correct the maximum score an alliance can score (without getting any of the opposing alliances Skyrise sections) is 108pts.

60pts-8 cubes /7 skyrise sections
30pts-10 posts owned
8pts-4 remaining cubes any posts


While this is true, this assumes the alliance owns their opponents low goal, located in their opponents protected zone.

Unless teams bring back launchers from Toss Up or Round Up’s Anti-Gravity motors, 107 is probably the highest feasible score…:smiley:

Unless you’re very very persuasive and can somehow get your opponent to score for you on their low goal. Might happen for the sake of getting the maximum score.