Bending anti-tips

My team made flip out anti tips the fold out from the side of robot but they bent the connection point and the bar the wheels were on when we drove around. What methods of bracing would prevent the metal from bending while the anti-tip is in use?

only use one rubber band with not a lot of tension, a good anti tip should be able to unfold without being pulled really hard. Also if its a c channel, you can put a c channel inside of the c channel just like the picture


Box screw both ends (means it goes all the way through both sides of the C-channel.

Move the pivot point further towards the front of the robot and use the frame of the robot to actually support when it gets weight on it.


If you have linear slides you can create anti-tip mechanisms from them as well to reduce bending.

We wanted to do linear slides but don’t have the space.

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