Bent pneumatics pistons

Today, a couple of our double-acting pistons became bent. Fortunately, I was able to bend them back into working condition, but it was a scary moment for a while.

I had a couple of questions though:

If a piston becomes bent once, will the bend more and more often afterwards? How much, if so?

How can I make sure the pistons will not be set up in a position to become bent in the future? This time, the pistons became bent because the c-bracket that comes with the pneumatics were attached on a c-channel without support on both sides.

If a piston is bent back into working order (the piston moves in and out smoothly), will the cylinder experience any air leaks?

How did you bend yours back? We bent one a little (bent but usable) but have not wanted to fix it in case fixing it would make it worse.

I bent a piston once. Fixing it was as simple as placing it on a table and forcing it back into shape with pliers until it was flat against the table again. The piston’s worked great for us since.

I just put the cylinder on a flat surface and figured out where it was bent.