Best 6 Motor Drivetrain??

Currently we are using a 6 motor(speed) drivetrain with 36 tooth gears connecting the motors and chain from the motors to the wheels. The sprocket are currently 1:1 and we are using 3.25” Omni wheels on a fully aluminum robot. Right now we have to no problems with tripping the PTCs or draining the battery’s.

We are wondering if we change the sprockets gear ratio for speed will we start tripping the PTCs, or will the motors be able to handle it. The reason why we haven’t tested it ourselves is we would have to buy new sprockets. Also would increasing the speed benefit the roboti skills or is 1:1 speed enough to get the job done.


it really depends on the weight of the robot, I like to do turbo drives but I also use a lot of weight saving measures.

1:14 torque works well for my robot

that’s really slow

If he means torque motors geared up to 1:14 then that’s extremely fast and how does that work.

For my team we did a new drive base geared with speeds on a 1:3. its 2x faster than turbo at full voltage

He was meming.

I tried a 1:2 (or something similar) ratio on my four torque-motor drive at my first competition. The robot (a chain bar + MG lift) is like 75% aluminum, but I still stalled/burned out my motors on almost every match and was pretty much useless. If you have those extra 2 motors hooked up to supplement power, I imagine you’d be OK.

do yo mean the bigger or smaller gear/sprocket on the motor? That 1:2 should work, check for friction, do you use bearing flats?

@BottomNotch I had the larger gear as input, smaller as output. I use bearing flats, yes, and (edit: I THOUGHT) the chain didn’t run into anything. I have since changed it to 1:1 and it works fine, but obviously slower.