Best Alliance Stories

What was your best Alliance story? It doesn’t have to be the time you won a tournament it could really be the funniest thing or the weirdest thing that happened during your alliance. For Example:

When we went to a tournament recently, we were about midway through the qualification matches. During one of these matches we were pared up with a pretty stacked team, and the bots from both teams picked up the strength and weakness of the other. When we played this match with said team we were doing amazing and during the last 20 seconds the other team for some reason just gave up. During this time we dindt really know what to do. So during those last seconds we decided to spend the time making synchronized dancing with the bots and started doing donuts.


Me (462A) and team 6627A at OC robo bananza holloween edition. People who were there or watched the stream will know what I am talking about.


No, sadly we lost 104-131 (would have been 164-131)

At Masuk, we were the 20th seed. We got picked by the 15th seed as the 10th overall alliance, and somehow made it to finals before bowing out in the now infamous “turtling strategy” video.


The people that we were going to pick got picked by a team higher than us, so I asked my friend who’s team was begging us for an alliance all day, and he declined. His team wasn’t too happy about that…


Some of these posts I won’t describe as “Best Alliance Stories” but “Most Enraging Alliance Stories”


Our best alliance story was when we picked an alliance that was 22nd place (we were 12th) and they were really good. We made the quarterfinals, losing to the #1 alliance. I don’t think it is necessary to say that we won the R16 match by turtling. Anyway, their robot was probably good enough to reach do even better (they won the amaze award so the judges agree), and we were quite surprised that they finished so low in quals. We found them by their 260 driver skills.

Oh yeah and they fixed our back lift using zip-ties. Or rather told us to do it.


We were at a competition in Kentucky and there was this tiny x drive that we thought was going to do badly in the finals (since it was practically only a claw). It ended up creating two upsets, one of which was our B team who was the third seed.


a bad robot with a good driver will beat a good robot with a bad driver any day (not saying that your sister team has a bad driver)


No, our sister team got a DQ and that’s why the blue alliance won.

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Story Time:

First competition of the year for our team, robot was alright but this was an earlier in the season tourney so we still had many kinks to work out, just wanted to scope around and try to learn a few things.

We ended up 15th in qualifiers out of 20ish teams, so not very good at all, but we had one game in qualifiers with this pushbot where we were able to elevate with 3 goals and 2 bots, not much at this point in the season where our bot can easily elevate with 4 goals all on its own but back then it was pretty huge for us.

Anyways, this pushbot somehow ends up 5th place in qualifiers and selects us, all the way down at 15th, because they knew we could pull off quite a lot of points together, yet neither of us could win on our own.

First in qualifiers picks second in qualifiers, and we end up beating then in semifinals, then we go on to win finals and, in turn, the whole competition. Needless to say it was completely unexpected as we were dead last for a significant portion of the qualifiers, but just goes to show how having a good strategy and picking your alliance partner wisely, not just based on rank, can make anything happen.

Bot has improved since then thankfully, but I’ll always remember that huge upset and it brings a smile whenever I think about it, hopefully first and second weren’t too upset (I know I would kinda be lol).



One of my sister teams had a basic clawbot for their first ever competition. The number 1 seed chose them for alliance because they wanted to be able to do their own thing. They won the elim finals and advanced to state with a clawbot.


That’s a great story! What would have made it better is if they won state also.


When everyone was picking their alliances at our last comp were ranked 5 and 3rd seed wanted to pick us. All the teams were very interested in picking us because we were a very good team. 3rd came to us first and said they would choose us, and later on the first seed and looked like they were very interested in picking us, we aren’t sure if they actually were. Because we didn’t want to be an alliance captain and decline them(all the teams below us weren’t quite as good) so we just told them not to pick us and it worked. We ended up winning the comp with a finals match of 200-90.


Someone picked me and and and and and I said no


Best one I have seen yet


About a month ago my team went to a tournament that we didn’t do particularly well at. This was because of a number of reasons, including horrible luck, but that’s another story that isn’t particularly interesting.

This story starts when, at that tournament during alliance selection, a team that we had briefly encountered at a previous tournament decided to pick us, going to the extent of declining an offer from another higher ranked team to do so.

But true to our luck at that tournament, we just barely lost our first elimination match by about 9 points. We did the best we could, but it just wasn’t our day, and a number of unlucky things happened in that match in particular.

A month later we go to another tournament armed with a new robot that is particularly good at defense and has a strong claw. At this tournament, our last qualification match of the day was against the team that we had paired with for finals at the last one.

At the queuing table for that match, we specifically asked that team which auto they were planning on running, because we were gonna run ours on the same side either way and we were curious if we were gonna have to race them for a yellow goal. They told us that yes, we would have to race, and stuck with the auto they had planned to run, which I respect.

Now because our robot was so strong, we ended up winning the yellow goal and dragging them back into our zone, but what I didn’t expect to happen is that our robot ended up flipping their’s over in auto as well (and for anyone curious, this was perfectly fine and unintentional because it was in auto and we were both fighting over the same goal.)

We went on with the match scoring a couple goals on our platform. It was with about 20 seconds left in the match that we realized that with them flipped over, and our platform being safe, we had won this match. It was then that our driver (@dodgedoodle) decided to go over and help this team back up onto their feet, even though they were on the opposing alliance.

And just before the buzzer, we were actually able to get them back up. We still won the match, but that was a great job on our driver’s part showing that we were still friends with this team. I think they really appreciated it, they came and thanked us afterwards.

Here’s a video of this match for proof:


Our best alliance story was probably last year during lrt, where we had a really unlucky qualification schedule, placing 15th. We eventually ended up as the 16/16th seed in our subdivision after picking 19589A. However, we beat the first seed (315R and 8059Z) in round 1, and eventually went on to win our subdivision and the overall division (technology).


Well, one of my best alliance story comes from the Change Up season where my team (and our alliance partner) was against a wallbot. So they blocked off three goals on the field and we couldn’t get to them. The good thing was, at that time in the season, my team’s robot was really heavy and had a torque gear ratio. We ended up pushing the wallbot into its own goals to the point where it was touching its own scored balls, making them not count and thus losing the match for them.


The guy in black next to the yellow with his hands on his head is me. I was pulling my hair out.