Best anti-tip Mechanisms

So I am yet to put an anti-tip on my robot , so does anyone have any really tips/ideas for making an anti-tip mechanism that I might find useful?

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the tricky part to an antitip is having it not flex at all when your robot tries to tip. even if you have very slight flex, the front of your bot could raise a few inches when you accelerate forwards or turn. the most rigid antitips I’ve came up with are one that use hinges. hinges have very very little slop, especially in the direction you’ll be applying force to, and they are very strong, so they’re ideal for an antitip mechanism. I’d put hinges on each side of your base, and attach bars with omni wheels to each hinge. rubber band it so they want to deploy. you should probably box the c channels on your antitip so they don’t flex.


Anti tip with odometry wheels🤔


When building anti tips, make sure that not a lot of your robot’s weight is being put on them, or they might bend (happened to us). Honestly, I would say that linear slides are the best as you can house them inside your robot.

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The old, discontinued linear slides are really really good. Sucks they got discontinued because, in my opinion, they are better than the slides VEX produces nowadays.


I use a linear slide with a metal guide at the rear of the robot, it is really effective

Vex used to make different linear slides?


Yes, they were both made out of metal, so if you add just grease you’ve got yourself a nice, robust, and sturdy mechanism to use. Quite sad they turned to plastic for their designs and discontinued this nice product:


Is there any way to buy these sliders now? Obviously not with vex but maybe on another website?

How do these flip down and lock? They are very cool

The wheel assembly flips down on a hinge, and a c-channel locks the assembly down from the top.

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No anti tip is the best anti tip


We use high strength axles as the stabilizers (anti-tips) and they were very easy to build and setup. They also don’t get caught or stuck on anything, or get in the way often since all they are is just a high strength shaft sticking out on either side of the robot. Our stabilizers are pulled out by rubber bands, and stay out from rubber band power alone.

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Earlier in the season, one of our teams kept on falling over during matches, so they created a wheelie bar that is held down using a gear and a stopper. It ended up really helping them!

image Google Photos

if this helps anyone

we have found that using a tri pod style anti tip, it seems to work better for us than traditional anti tips.

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You posted the same image twice

where do you get the small omni wheels?

from vex’s website.
they are 2.75 omnis.