Best arm design for this year game?

My team has a standard arm like. We can get all 20 points(including the tall 20). But, we cant the tall 20 often.
Does anyone have any ideas?

I do not think it is too much about the arm design, but about how you place the cub on the high tower. I know a team that grabs the cube from the bottom of their claw. you could put the cube using a corner. Another thing is to put it in at a angle or through it on the top. Look at some reveals or matches on youtube to get some ideas.


I would suggest a double lift. It raises the cube steadily and can get pretty high.

Like Forzapixel said, it’s not so much about the arm but about how the arm grabs the cube.

The top of the tall platform is 9". The cube is 7", the top of the cube is then 16" tall when stacked on the high platform. The robot can not be more than 15" tall. So, no part of the robot can be at, close to (<1"), or above, the top of the cube when it is on the tall platform. You would then also need to be careful about lifting a little higher than the platform.

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You can also hang the cube on the hooks on the high tower, but that takes a lot of precision.

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