BEST at VEX World Championships

BEST robotics has announced that they will hold their 1st ever National Championship concurrent with the VEX World Championships at the Dallas Convention Center.


Very interesting. Does this mean that IFI has a vested interest in BEST? I for one would like to see a joint venture between both competitions.
BEST National Championship Announcement 2.pdf (96.3 KB)

At the least, I think IFI has an altruistic and a business interest promoting STEM programs. Best is a STEM program. A rising tide floats all boats.

However, like you I am unaware of a stronger connection.

BEST and IFI are on friendly terms – we’re both working toward the same goals. IFI hosts BEST registration on RobotEvents and we are now co-hosting their national championships. I’m really looking forward to seeing the BEST competition. There aren’t any BEST cells around here, so I’ve never seen a BEST competition in person, but the BEST people I talk to are big fans of their program.

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Yea, now I wish we had done better at our local hub. It would have been cool to compete at 2 competitions at the same time.

I will give you my prediction as to who will be the winner: The team from Ambassadors for Christ Academy, and Witchita Home School as runners up.