Best Auto Mode You've Seen

974X has an autonomous that fairly reliably scores 35-40 points. You can see it on their reveal thread.

974X has an autonomous that fairly reliably scores 35-40 points. You can see it on their reveal thread.

I think 400x had a pretty good auton back in the space city comp

Georgia teams are pretty basic, so I’ve only seen 20 point autonomous for pretty much the whole season. Though, there was a middle school team that drove forward at the last comp and attempted to grab a stack several times. It worked a few times.

I expect to see some higher scoring autonomous routines in 4 weeks when we have our state competition.

We score the four preloads (well we try to. Undiagnosed issues with our flywheel currently) from the tile then drive out to get a stack near the wall. We usually get about 2 balls from that stack and score them. I assume the top teams by worlds will be getting two stacks or one and a half.

One of the teams in the latest 323Z reveal thread’s video (here) is really impressive.

Pretty sure that robot was 323z. Red had 323z and 323y, and Y had blue side plates.

We have been working on a 35 point auton routine that we will run at georgia state @3921

Kinda unrelated, but we’ve been working on a >20 pt auton, and when we drive into a stack, we only get one ball, and the rest scatter. We’re using a rubber band intake and a speed drive, and plan to switch to turbo in the near future. Is there a way (aside from lifting the intake w/ pnuematics) to grab all the balls?

Perhaps you could try tapping the stack, causing them to all fall over gently, and then ramming them while intaking? You could also try to pin them against a wall, especially if it’s a wall stack.

If it isn’t accurate, it won’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m kidding lol, good luck with the autonomous testing, can’t wait to see it in a few weeks :wink:

The best autonomous that I’ve ever seen was a practice run by team 2R about a month ago.
They shot their 4 preloads and then got a pyramid. I didn’t see how, but they somehow got a ball from an other pyramid in and scored 50 points. It was completely random luck!
Team 8468 claims to be able to get 60 points in autonomous, but they don’t seem to have any proof.

One round, we were just running our pre load autonomous and a bonus ball rolled into our intake and we shot it.

In order to do that, assuming an 0.5 second fire rate, they would need to be able to consistently intake two stacks of balls in 9 seconds. And according to their reveal, their fire rate was nowhere close to that. The claim is doubtful at best.

very true XD I hope it will be accurate by state!

and I am doubtful about the 60 point autons but I would love to see a consistent one because that would be amazing if a robot could drive, intake and shoot accurately at that rate all in 15 seconds…

Yeah it was actually 35.

2r @Stanley Shi(2R) has an awesome auton, but I’ve never seen them succeed in collecting balls and trying to shoot them in autonomous.

At about 1:00:
I think there might be some better ones, but I haven’t watched all of them.

I can’t find it.

It’s slightly after 1:00:00. He shoots 4 preloads and then herds 3 piles.

Yes but I’m talking about actually making the high goal.