"Best" CAD Software for VEX EDR

Is it worth the time to design our robot using CAD? If so, which software works best for VEX v5? Thanks!

It doesn’t really matter what control system you’re using, cad is cad. There are a ton of cad threads already out there with everyone’s opinions.

Not all CAD lets you program the simulated robot, though.

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True, but I meant it doesn’t matter if you want to cad a cortex bot or a v5 bot.

this paper: CAD for VEX Robotics (2).pdf (82.2 KB)
has information and links about the leading commercial CAD packages available for free to students, along with links to the various part libraries available. As others have said, adding V5 parts doesn’t change the options of CAD software, you just need the new models.


Most people at my school use Autodesk Inventor, which is great because it’s free to students, and it has the ability to fairly easily link parts together in such a way that they act as if they would in a real robot (i.e. axles can spin, gearboxes will work, etc.). Not super hard to learn either, and there’s a couple youtube mini-courses floating around on how to learn to use it for vex

Would recommend Solidworks

All the commercial software is free to students. If you’re really interested in CAD, you might want to try out Solidworks and fusion too. Solidworks requires your teacher/mentor to apply for their grant.

I prefer the original: Minecraft w/world edit


The original: Lego technic


But then this happens


Obviously you want to use SnapCad, or even better, Lego Digital Designer!

Which ones can? Thanks.

Our Mimic editor in Robot Mesh Studio :wink:


I use autodesk professional and that is what my fathers company uses

I use autodesk inventor 2017 for my cad building and it works pretty well for me but the computer i use has windows 7 so i don’t know if it would be different for windows 10 or on a apple computer.

But i would recommend autodesk if ur using windows 7 in my opinion.

ROBLOX Studio of course! :wink:
And the weirdo like me, If you want I can make an online CAD’ing game in ROBLOX for anyone who is wanting to make something can make a robot within minutes if you’d like :blush: (But I’m not finished with TT game so give me some time… Like 1-2 weeks please before I can get to it)
(Why am I such a meme)
In all seriousness:
Fusion 360
Inventor PRO

Inventor 2018

If a person was to get a laptop for AutoDesk Fusion 360, what’s the minimal workable specs that we should look for?

The Fusion 360 requirements seem to less costly than Inventor:

Fusion 360 Requirements

Inventor 2019

Let’s take a fair democratic vote.

  • Inventor
  • Inventor but a different option

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You can get a student license for autodesk products, so the price shouldn’t really be an issue.