Best Computer for CADing

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my computer to a better one for CADing. My 2gb RAM and terrible, if any graphics card just aren’t getting the job done. Does anybody have any ideas on a good desktop of laptop that’s good for CADing, or at least better than what I have now. Preferably inexpensive. It’s hard to get something that is cheap and still works good though.

Any laptop or desktop ideas??

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I’m not too familiar with the different desktop rigs, but building a CADing rig will be a lot cheaper than a laptop, though you will lose portability.

As for laptops, I recommend getting at least 8GB of DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel RAM. That will suit you well. Get one with an i7 Ivy Bridge processor, since you will need that processing power. Your graphics card will also be important. Get an Autodesk approved graphics card. A laggy CAD program will make you want to smash your computer. Also, an SSD is preferable. It’s much faster than a hard drive and makes CADing significantly smoother and quieter.

I have a modded ASUS UX32VD, with 10GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel RAM, 1.9GHz Ivy Bridge 3751U Processor, GT620M GFX Card, and 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD. CADing is a breeze, and the laptop with all the modifications only costs about $1500.

Another laptop I would recommend would be the Thinkpad W530, but I don’t have the specs off the top of my head.

These people are pretty thrifty.

The specs range from super performance to budget, to a bit of both.

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I would stay clear of the laptops unless you got something way overpriced like an AlienWare or iBuyPower one. Cost is a deterrent there. Goign from 4GB to 8GB on an older config seems to have done the trick

  • Windows O/S (not tried windows 8 nor am I planning to in the near future)
  • At least 8GB of RAM
  • A pretty good NVIDIA graphic card. (NVIDIA is my brand preference but don’t go cheap on this, this is key)
  • intel core’s are pretty quick these days. a i5 series chip or AMD equiv
  • Dual display helps but is not necessary.

I saw an ibuypower for like $850 with this config. Not sure if this is outside your budget or not.

not sure the policy on links to products.

Are you looking to just purchase a desktop/laptop or are you willing to build your own? Typically, building a desktop is more expensive when you build the exact same desktop with the same specs and the manufacturer. However, building a desktop at the same budget will give you more bang for your buck because you can parts that are more important to you. Plus, building a desktop is always fun :smiley:

I got a laptop recently for College and CAD it runs inventor really well
Main Specs:
i7-5630QM @ 2.40GHz
8GB of RAM
Nvidia Geforce GT 630M (2GB)

the only time the computer struggles in inventor is when I try to render realllllyyyyy large photos (I managed to get it to use 100% of the CPU and boost it up to 3.2Ghz)

I didnt really want a laptop for CAD because of lack of power, but this works really well

Would more cores and less ram equal about the same as less cores and more ram?

Better to have fewer cores and more RAM. CAD programs are more able to take advantage of more RAM than they are to take advantage of more cores.

I have a computer right now that runs CAD really well. I have a 3570k with 16 GB of ram. I use on board graphics though. I would suggest running it off of a SSD if you can afford it. I have a 120 GB Samsung 840 SSD. I would also suggest a bigger hard disk for storage. (I have a 1.5 TB WD Green Drive) The total cost of my system came out to be about $600.

Yes, inventor (well inventor 2012, not sure about 2013) only uses one core unless you are rendering in inventor studio. But RAM is cheap, so go for both.

What brand laptops would you guys refer to me?

Not saying a laptop is a bad choice, but they said above that if you want a good laptop for CADing your going to be spending a pretty big amount of money on it. I think it would be $1500 or more. I talked to my dad about it because he works with Autodesk Revit and a few other Autodesk products and he told me that if you want a good laptop it will be $4000+. Anything is good upgrading from what I have now though.

Another question I have is does 3ds Max and other Autodesk products use only one core as well, or is inventor one of the few that uses only one core?

ASUS, Thinkpad, MSI.
Stay away from Dell and HP.

You could always go crazy and get this (not really).

Haha. What a monster that thing is. I noticed it hand a $625 Dreamcolor display, it can produce over a billion colors. Wouldn’t it be nice to win that laptop.

Also, take a look at the power brick :eek: . Don’t get it confused with your XBox’s power brick.

I can has? Pleeease?

LOL. 2 Hour normal (web-browsing) battery and 45 minutes under load.

I would build a desktop if youre not worried about portability. I bought a laptop and it works really well for CAD.
this is the computer I use. Mine only has 6gb of ram and an i5. It all depends how large of models you will be making and what software you will be using.

I spent just over $1300USD on my new laptop and it handles inventor really well

Only $1300?? That’s a good deal for i-7 and 8gb ram as far as I know. Where did you buy it from?

i found an asus with an i7 with 8gb of ram for $799