Best computer for IQ

We are a new(er) middle school IQ team (2nd year) out of Mankato, MN. We started last year with one IQ team (8 students) and next year plan to have 6 teams! My question is about the computers and software. We currently are running ModKit because we only have Apple laptops at our school. We’d like to start using Robot C, as that’s what our high school teams use and we’d like to get the students started on that earlier. What would be your recommendation for computers? I realize a laptop would be ideal for taking to competitions and things. Do I need one computer per team? What is an affordable type of laptop that would work best? We wouldn’t need it for anything else except Robot C. I know I can look up the specs, but was wondering if anyone has recommendations or suggestions of an affordable brand that would fit our needs. We are a private school, so I would need to seek outside funding for some things. Thanks!

We use Apple Mac with Parallels running Windows tor run RobotC on. Just so we can stick with using the Mac for other things.

I haven’t ever run into a computer that can’t run ROBOTC. You nee that and the updater. They are both going to run well on whatever.

I buy and use refurb IBM/Lenovo T61 for about $160 each. They are well built, put up with lots of banging around. Because they are refubs from businesses, and there are a lot of them, they are inexpensive.