Best Deisgn for Speed and turning

If Im doing a class competition where I need to take laps around a VexIq field (need to be fast and able to turn), what would be the best design?

Any advice for speed would help (:

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X drive

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I think this will depend on the constraints of your competition. However generally speaking for pure speed:

  1. Make sure your robot is a light as possible.
  2. Make sure your robot is built as square and structure as rigid as possible so the axles are true through the holes to minimize friction.
  3. Washers, Washers, washers. To reduce friction
  4. High gear ratio with the appropriate number of motors to power the drivetrain properly. 4 motor drive? 8 motor drive powering 4 wheels? Depends on your constraints.

Now too much speed may make it more difficult to control, so it will be a balance depending on the actual race course.

Here is a great video from Cautiontape that goes over some fundamental building techniques for drivetrain which will be useful for you.

But the above would be a good starting point.



Autonomously or driven? If driven, make a button you can push to go the length of the field. In addition to high speed gear ratio (large gear on motor, small gear on wheel) and having a light robot, obviously. You can’t fix everything in code. And if you know how to do an x-drive, go for it. And the more you angle the wheels inward (as opposed to forward), the faster it will go, until you’ve switched the front of the robot.


Do an X drive with like a 3:1 will give you an output of like 360rpm and the X drive will give you great manuverability.

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