Best Design for TSA

So I know this sounds like a weird question for this early in the season, but due to the time constraints of a busy senior year and also wanting to do my school’s FIRST Robotics club, I’ve decided to only compete in TSA this year. Where TSA’s qualifiers are skills and the eliminations are played 1 vs 1, what do you think the best design for this competition is?


I think complex tray designs such as 448X’s goofy or designs similar to it in scope (so not that useless tray lift) will be good in skills. Skills doesn’t offer the chance for teams to descore towers so tower swapping speed doesn’t matter. In terms of getting those stacks and towers scored as fast as possible complex trays are the best.


I honestly think a simple tray style robot would be good, because I don’t think much defense will be played because the robots will mainly focus on stacking, so trays can quickly take a lot of cubes and don’t have to worry about being knocked into. And they won’t waste much time traveling from cubes to the zones multiple times like an RD4B.

Wouldn’t a simple tray that pushes out the back be better then? If you don’t need to descore?

Yeah, that would work fine for skills. I would then try to gear up your drive.

Couldn’t you always use the V5 motor cartridges?

I mean, you could, but a 600 rpm drive is hardly practical

230-260 rpm is the magic range for V5 tray bot drives in my opinion.


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Also what is TSA and how does it relate to vex

TSA, the technology student association, puts on a vex competition of their own. It’s played with skills as the qualifiers and one v one for eliminations. The top three advance to tsa nationals


for skills use a simple tray bot. You don’t need to descore.

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I feel like it would be better to use a goofy bot because using a simple tray would mean that to score in a tower, you need 7-8 cubes in ur intake.

but you can get like 7 cubes and score all the towers and then place it in a scoring zone. It’s not slower than the goofy style bot.

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In my head, I’m thinking that with a simple tray, once you score one cube, you have to go out and get another one in order to score again, all while keeping the original number of cubes in the tray. Am I thinking of the wrong robot?

yeah that’s it. but there is a way around it.

Sorry for reviving a sort of dead thread, but it’s still relevant to me- I’ve decided on a simple tray, how many cubes do you think it will need to hold by the time TSA rolls around (usually early March for Utah)? I’m thinking 7-8 right now.

I think that’s a good amount. Maybe one or two greater than that as a safety (can’t predict where cubes bounce).