Best Design for TSA

We’ll be posting a sendoff reveal for our simple tray in a week or two, along with a design analysis since we’re doing a bit of a redesign, if that helps. 7 cube cap and stacks reliably.

maybe 9? very early in the season everyone had 7 cube trays but now more and more people are making 3 or even 4 stage trays. I’ve never done Tsa though, so maybe its less competitive.

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It’s generally a little less competitive, but I want to be prepared

EDIT: I’ve decided I might attend some other comps, too, but my main focus will be tsa

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I’m going to the Utah tsa competition too, what team are you? I’m part of 68357A The CaveMechs.

Part of the former team 4270C, now just me as 4270Z. You guys were the one with the mechanum double catapult last year if I remember correctly? We were the ones with the tiny flywheel bot.

I’d try to go for a longer tray.

Yep that was us, I remember your robot, it was cool.

Heads up, if you are versed in making lifts, just a simple lift + claw that can hold up to two blocks and push a third could get you a quick (3+3+3+3)*(1+6) in driver skills, and would be easier to work with in programming skills for how unprecise stacking needs to be. Additionally making an alignment guide to help get boxes in the buckets could further increase your programming score.

Learning to tune the tray likely takes longer than building a dr4b if you have experience building them. However if you don’t its definitely the other way around.

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IMO for skill trays aren’t the best only because they won’t be as consistent. What I mean is that in skills you want to do the exact same thing every single time because that way you never have to make a decision. In particular I think you need to be able to use the pre-stacked cubes without knocking the stack over because picking up individual cubes takes too long when you only have 1 minute and you want to do 4+ stacks and 7 towers. So I would probably do what @AperatureLabs suggested.

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So with the advent of that crazy tray lift @sarah_97963A made do you think it’s a viable design for tsa?

Depending on your time constraints I would not go for a tray lift like Usagi or 97963A. Tray lifts take a load of time and effort, much more then say a simple tray bot or a “complex” tray.

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That’s true. I do have more time than when I originally posted due to personal reasons, probably enough to make a tray lift. I’m just debating if a big normal tray or a tray lift will be able to stack cubes faster, since that’s likely all tsa (and I think the late season in general) will be about.

what is coding for highschool in tsa

Do you mean for vex or one of the other tsa competitions?