Best drive bases

post your robot bases here to compete for the best robot of 2019-2020. no bragging please.
ten months to post.

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Uploading: image.pngimage …
this is one of mine


Which is the front of the robot? Is it where the yellow beams and grey tower are? If so, I would recommend you swap out your wheels. Have the regular wheels with rubber tires be the ones attached to the motors, and the omni wheels as the front turning wheels. This way you have less wheel scrub and allow for smoother and faster turns. Having the rubber wheels in front gives too much friction when turning (wheel scrub). Another suggestion is to either chain or gear the front and rear wheels on both the left and right sides so you are getting traction and power to all 4 wheels… otherwise the robot may get stuck on the orange pegs. Right now, movement is only from the rear omni wheels that are directly connected to the motors… the front wheels aren’t helping, but more acting as a counter force that your robot has to push along and go against.


you have some good points, this only took 15 minutes. and yes, the side with yellow beams is the front. this is a prototype.