Best Drivetrain Possible?

My team and I are looking for the best gear ratio possible for the new robot we are building. The problem is, how exactly could we find the fastest one possible for this robot? I’ve seen teams like 6007X, 359A, and 7700R go faster than my current bot, which is very light. Are they using the 6-motor turbo drives?

There is a difference between the fastest gear ratio and the best. Obviously you could make a 12 motor 7:1 robot but that wouldn’t be the best. Most teams this year are using either 6 motor turbo or 4 motor HS. If you are using HS and a team is faster, they probably are using Turbo’s, since most teams don’t use an external gear ratio for the drive wheels.

No, 6007 and 7.7k both only have 4 motors, not 6.

So OP must be using torque motors, or geared down HS or something
Here’s a question I posed similar to this about 3 months ago. It’s got a formula in it that will allow you to calculate your optimum gear ratio (as long as you’re not using an x drive)