Best experience in VEX

So many of you may have seen the post that reappears every so often about your biggest mistakes in VEX. Ive never seen one about your most exciting experience. This can be anything from a qual match that something crazy happened, to winning a tourny, or just a really cool break through in your building process.

I cant just suggest others to share and not share my self so one of my (Im Nick from the 5813E) favorite experiences is when we won a tournament because of a qual match that we weren’t even in. We had gone 7-0 in quals or something like that but there were a lot of teams that were doing it too. Two of which were in the same match together. One was our senior team last year (during Starstruck) and they lost the match because of leaky pnuematics. Because of this it took two of the highest ranked teams to 7 or 8 seeds.
We were guaranteed first and picked our senior team because we knew they were probably the best team at the tourney. The team that got second had gotten lucky as well and they were, lets just say it, bad. They picked just about any team that wanted to alliance with someone else and made it so that they couldn’t be picked again making it so just about every person in the top 8 seeds were stuck in that seed.
It was still a close tourney though. We got all the way to finals and the other alliance were not bad at all. We won the first match by 1 point and they took the second by 1 point the last match was won by us because our driver was notorious about getting our bot stuck in others and in his struggle to get out of the tangle knocked over the better of the two teams in the match. It was a landslide. we won by 61 points if I remember correctly. ** WE SHOULD NOT HAVE WON. **

Most exciting moments would probably be from Nothing But Net (my first good season). Winning finals at the VEX State Championship finals came as a surprise that season, but a welcome one. Lots of jumping and hugging.

Winning the AIA (Arizona Interscholastic Association) State Championship that season was less surprising looking at the alliances, but getting 361 points without an elevation with 5090A in semifinals was cool. I think that was the 16th highest alliance score that season, in a season where that actually meant something.

My best experience in VEX was probably knowing the 127C won the excellence award at State 10 minutes before the MC announced it. After finals, I realized we only needed one team to double qualify. As the MC ran through all the minor awards, my whole team was discussing who they thought won what. The suspense built - only to be anticlimactically dismissed by the MC putting the wrong slide up on the display. And then we went to Worlds.

I like how your highlight is a highlight for me, haha.

It was funny, @JustinM was mouthing to me that we had won Excellence, but I thought he was messing with me. Then the slide randomly popped up for a second, and I still barely believed it. I didn’t believe it until it was official, I guess.

Many of my best experiences in VEX have honestly happened away from the robot, surprisingly. Most of our victories have been on the backs of someone else (s/o to ACP, Brother Bots, Justin, Lemon Bots, Patty Smith, etc., etc.)

I guess another highlight of my VEX experience involving the robot would be going up to Prescott to get more skills runs in, not even thinking about the actual competition. And 30 seconds into the first match, my driver placed the controller on the floor, cracked his knuckles, and laughed as we won. Granted, there was not very much in the way of competition at that tournament, but we had not had a great season leading up to that, so I think the elation of complete and destruction was at least slightly justified.

What was the victory on the back of Patty Smith?


Not so much a victory, but she wouldn’t let me quit at the first competition I went to. Quite literally, she refused to let me withdraw, and I ended up qualifying for State at that competition. And because of that, I’m still doing robotics.

One day we were practicing at a competition on our VEX IQ Crossover board and I managed to put a hole in the dividing wall’s plastic with our team’s catapult. There is now a running joke “Brian put a hole in it.”

I had a lift last year that skipped teeth when it lifted, even with high strength gears, so now whenever there is a strange sound it’s called the Ethan ect.

Maybe this should be a separate thread - but Skyrise was our first season. We had a scissor lift and one team member needed to cut a ziptie. Instead she cut the ziptie AND the wire. We didn’t figure out what had happened until we discovered the motor didn’t work. We did some troubleshooting and discovered the cut wire. Now, whenever someone has a pair of wirecutters, all you have to say is “Don’t do a Maya” and everyone knows what you’re talking about!

My best moment was in 2014 during Toss up. By this time our team was just was transitioning from rookie to veteran. We were in Maryland for a competition we made annual, and won the event as the 3rd alliance. It was the first tournament our robotics team has ever won and it was pure excitement. Unfortunately that was the year you had to qualify for world’s through states so we managed to win an in state tournament but lost at the state level. Amazingly that year our FRC team won a regional and made it world’s. Hands down my favorite year for robotics!

I started my entire robotics program by myself in 1 month, went to only 2 competitions before states, made it to states, and got to quarter finals at states and only lost because my teammate forgot to plug in a power expander. I almost made it to worlds in my first month of vex robotics.

There was this moment in finals 3 of our division last year with like 20 seconds to go and the field almost clear where I realized, wait… we might win this thing. The expression on my face is actually hilarious because I’m was trying to process while not messing up driving and totally failing.