Best flash drive or other storage solution?

I would like to buy a bunch of flash drives in bulk for my students. It’s tough to find them at a good price though, and given the nature of our programs I certainly don’t need more than half a gig.

We could go to cloud storage as well, but I like a good USB drive as well.

Any thoughts on file storage solutions?

cloud storage is easy access regardless if you have the flash drive or not, so I’d suggest that. If you really want flash drives, here’s a list of bulk flash drives all with one GB or less:

Wow thanks. I’ve looked there a couple of times before but my filters must have been off.

Those 128 mb ones look perfect.

I would recommend using git and GitHub. Teaching your students how to use a industry leading version control system would be invaluable. I certainly wished I had a teacher who thought me git/GitHub. If you want you could have your students create a git repository on a flash drive if you want a physical copy.


I’m largely dealing with middle school students using blocks to get started. So something cheap to get them started would be ideal for now. If I were in a high school program, absolutely.

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Another method is to install google drive onto the device and just have it upload certain files rather than the whole computer. I have this as well as a flash drive as if anything happens to my computer and/or my flash drive, I can open my project on any other computer through Google Drive. Only mentioned this method as you said you didn’t want to start using git and Github yet.


Would love to do that, but the school board doesn’t let us use Google Drive. We use Google Apps as a school district, though! I encourage them to also back up their files to Google Drive as well, but they have to do it through the website.

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