Best Flex wheels For flywheel shooter?

What is the best flex wheel hardness for a shooter? Right now our team has 30A flex wheels, are the other hardness better?

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Many teams have gotten different setups to work. Why don’t you test out different wheel types, sizes, and durometers, document the results in your notebook, and relay the results back here.


I agree with @RoboCatz i think you gusy should test different set ups if you have the recouces. But i have found that harder wheels are more consistent and yhats about it. But definitley try different setups out as our robots are different and what worls form me may not work for you.


It really depends on how much compression your flywheel has.


go look at my flywheel thread…

edit: flywheel quantitative analysis thread


alright I will do that

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We have finished our Flywheel and have been practicing with it. The 30A Flex wheels seems to be doing a good job at shooting, the only problem is that it deforms a little over time.

Imo 60a is best because it expa fs the leadt so its more consistent

yeah, from my testing I agree with Timmy, but please do your own testing and document it in the notebook.


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All else being equal, the wheel with the least wind resistance & frictional losses in the flywheel shaft will 1) regain RPM after a launch more quickly and 2) run cooler.

  1. means quicker cycle/launch time w/ more consistent launches
  2. means less chance of overheating

Might want to think about that in the context of the thread I linked above.