Best for scoring the caps

What will be the best for lifting desing for putting the caps on the post ???

4bar will be too short
Rd4b will waste too much space
Elevator lift maybe
Scissor lift wast to much space

What other kind of lift will be the best to use for scoring the caps???

6 or 8 bar?

DR4B has done nothing wrong. It will not take up much space at all if you build it right. It could take up less space than an elevator you you really wanted it to.

Chain bar? It could take a bit of space outside the robot but not that much of a problem I think.

your RD4B doesn’t have to be as wide as the ones used in ITZ since you don’t have to get around mobile goals or stacked cones so i would think that you could make a relatively small RD4B.

I’d say a Cascade lift, you don’t need to lift your motors and it takes up very little space for it’s height

Yeah, a RD4B doesn’t need to be big. The ones in ITZ had to reach really high, but these ones only need to go up a little bit.

also with an RD4B you have a lift that is linear vs something like a 6 bar or a chain bar