Best Free Video Editing Software For Making A Reveal Video?

So I’m wanting to make a reveal vidoe this year for my robot. The only problem is I don’t know of any good free video editing software’s that will work. Does anyone know of a good free video editing software’s that would work for making a reveal video? Both PC and Mobile software will do.

Honestly Imovie wouldnt be bad youd just need lots of editing


I’ve gotten into Davinci Resolve 16, but that’s a little overkill, and it has a ton of features that I don’t use.

Just search “free video editing software” on google or youtube, you’ll find a lot of good options.


Some times I use wevideo since it has some ok stock photos videos and music, but you could also try Filmora 9 (free edition). I personally use Premier Pro (adobe) and Imovie since my school pays for full Adobe licenses for select students.


Yup. iMovie is really pretty limited (the app). But if you can figure out some workarounds it would be totally fine. Also, if you’re going for something professional:

  1. Probably don’t use imovie
  2. Try to stay away from the default songs and transitions and things like that.

if you don’t have an adobe license premier rush is basically pro’s free version

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DaVinci Resolve can be a good idea, will require some computer performance tho

I just use the built-in windows one. works fine, has all the features I want.

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I’ve used the free version of LightWorks for various projects and it’s really good, although has a little bit of a learning curve.


Imovie works pretty well, although it is limited, you can get some cool effects and simple transitions, music, text, and other effects on your clip. So it can be good for editing a reveal video.

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HitFilm Express is also nice, I frequent that

Yep i use that for yt

I use Blender Editor whenever I want to mess around with video clips.

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imovie is not bad on PC, it’s how i make most of my videos.

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I would try to look for a software that doesn’t lower the resolution or add a watermark to the final product unless you buy the “pro” version. It gets kind of annoying when trying out a software, and using it for most of the editing of your reveal, only to realise it adds a watermark or something like that; test it before you use it.

yes, definetly don’t use kinemaster lol.

For PC, it’s fair game. I’ve stayed far away from Apple computers, so I don’t have anything to say about that.

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I was able to reverse image search and find that PFP on another website, and I’ve never heard of those three video editors in my life. It sure would have been nice if they had listed something like Adobe Premiere Pro as a best option, which is literally the first thing on that rambling website.



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