Best glue for stars?

We were wondering what the best kind of glue would be best for gluing back together broken stars. Any suggestions?

I think in some appendix or something they say hot glue…

We use E6000. Doesn’t require a hot glue gun, and stays softer than hot glue. You just have to give it 24 hours to cure.

We used 2 large zip ties to put them back together instead of glue.

It does, but hot glue isn’t very durable.

This video has all the stuff needed to repair a star. Lucky I found this 5 minutes ago before looking at this post :slight_smile:

We originally used the recommended hot glue method. What we found was that it does not hold long term. We experimented with various types of super glue and found all to be better than hot glue. The best results for us came from Gorilla brand super glue and the regular super glue worked better than the gel. It bonds in 10-30 seconds. We have thrown a star back on the field in less than a minute and the Gorilla glue has held.

I just repaired 9 stars the other day. I used the BROWN GORILLA GLUE. It’s the original Gorilla Glue, and it works VERY well for repairing stars. I have had much, much better results with Gorilla Glue over hot glue.

Use a #64 rubber band from the base of one leg of the star to the other to hold everything in place while the glue dries for an hour.

I have found stars that broke again, but they broke on another spot, and NOT where the glued seam was… they broke on the opposite side, and the glued area stayed strong.

This glue is made for foam and works good with the star foam. It is also yellow :wink:

Light coat on both sides and let it tack up a min. or so before reassembly. Very strong bond and stays flexable.

That k-flex glue also has a application brush connected to the lid.