BEST: Jittery Servos [Was: EasyC v4 - Programming]

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I’ve seen this lots of times by beginning programmers for BEST.
Jittery servos are usually caused by multiple assignment statements, for example:

if (cond1) then  setmotor( 5, -127);
if (cond2) then setmotor(5, 0);

In the case of both cond1 and cond2 being true, the servo is trying to alternate between -127 and 0 every loop through the code, so it jitters.

The usual two solutions to implement single assignment are:
1: complete and mutually exclusive if/then/else block for set_motor
2: Any-old-code that eventually sets a variable to the desired servo position,
followed by a single execution group of setmotor( 5, var); at the bottom of the loop.

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I would like to echo this, I see many questions on both EasyC and RobotC programming that could quickly be answered by other members if they were not posted in the “Official” forums.