Best Laptop for AutoCad

I was just wondering as an all around question what laptop would you highly recommend for AutoCad, I am thinking about getting a Mac for the great graphics but i am unsure, I currently have an HP Tablet and am looking to change.


off topic: which hp tablet do you have V1 or V2?
im considering buying one…
good luck finding your new laptop

I have a v2 its great! only issue is it overheats super easily so make sure you buy a laptop fan.
p.s. see you at worlds

I would have said go with a Mac. However I’ve seen recommendations from someone who runs an engineering business towards these:

I’m finding those for ~$1400 and ~$1800, respectively.


P.S. I was also thinking about getting a laptop for AutoCAD…](

well we too can also discuss this at worlds :slight_smile:

ooh and issue with my current laptop is the screen is a bit too small to comfortably work, I guess i am going to get a good size mac but I dont know