Best Lift Design?

Our team is discussing two different lift ideas for this years challenge. Half of us say that the double reverse four bar would be the most effective lift, while the other half say that 3 (or 2) stage lift is the best. Which do you all think would be optimal? Have you tried building these in the past?

Thanks for the help!

Personally, I don’t believe a reverse double four bar will be effective in this game. A reverse double four bar would seem like a huge waste of space and also since you are not lifting to huge heights it would be necessary. Also, if you have never built one before it can take a couple trys to get it right (at least thats how it was for us). Our team is looking at a linear elevator lift since it would give you enough space afterwards to add a shooter for balls.

I would do a 3 stage cascading lift, a DR4B takes up wayyyyyyy too much space


My team tried a 3 stage cascading lift in ITZ, and it sucked. The chain occasionally broke from too much stress, it took four 393s for it to even start to lift (total of 3 seconds to get to full height), and the usual problems with slide rail friction/leaning but tripled. All this effort just to get one or two cones on the 25" high stack. I can’t even imagine making this kind of lift to get up to the 34" poles for this year. IMO either a scissor lift or DR4B would be better suited for getting a cap that high, but it will be a challenge to get both that and a launcher on the same robot.

Have you considered the sChTiCk design meta? it will be very strong this season.

The what now?

When the Vex Discord actually comes over to the Forums lol

What a nice ** SchTiCK ** design you have on your bot.

What the heck is a sChTiCk desgin?!

Ah, but you must first enter the holy order of the VEX Discord.