Best Lift For Starstruck?

I am thinking about using a 2 bar lift for Starstruck, however, I am not sure what to choose. Please help!

I would do a 6 bar, they can get to the 30" pole

Yes, some people were talking about doing a Double Reverse Four Bar or other more complicated stuff, but a 6 bar will definitely work.

Double reverse 6 bars went like 5" over the tallest poles. Why even do this, yeah they’re cool, but 6 bars would be very nice.

Saying that the bar is 30" tall means you don’t really need a six bar. So the max any teams robot will be is 17.5" so that means that you only need to gain 12.5" to reach the full 30". This could be easily done by a linear lift or a four bar. One thing you always want expecially when needing to hang is to br light. A six bar is just unnecessarily heavy.#303

Double reverse 4 bars don’t have to go that high though. An rd4b is also a good choice because of its linear motion and it can lift a good amount of weight fairly quickly. But don’t let me be the judge of what you want to do, I was simply answering you question.

I think a lot of you are forgetting that the bar is in the corner of the field, meaning unlike other years the point you need to grab is not in the center of your robot, this makes linear lifts extremely hard to pull off but I am not saying it’s impossible, just something to keep in mind.

Also keep in mind that lifts are not necessary. Use your hanging mechanism to knock off the stars.

I agree with what @DanielIW26 suggested above. I know that my ideas for a launcher could easily be configured to multipurpose as a lift, which would keep required motors to a minimum. IMO, it’s all about making your robot fit into the starting tile; once you can imagine how everything fits into place all compacted, it should be fairly easy to make lifts, launchers, dumps, and whatnot.

I think an elevator lift system using 4 motors geared for torque on a rack and pinion should save space and be a good design

You could also put it in the corner of a holonomic x drive chassis so it will fit in the corner

Ehh, that would be quite slow, well, with my experience. But I only had steel. If you used aluminum, you could easily get by with 4, maybe 2.

Um, i made a robot that was 17.75 inch.

So is it clear that you CAN grapple into the pipe, and there are no hidden rules that will get you DQd from a tournament?

So the only rule that states that grappling is illegal is SG8, which states that:

Now let’s look at the definition of Field Elements:

Nowhere in this definition is the Hanging Bar mentioned as a Field Element, and thus, SG8 which prohibits grappling (in my interpretation) does not apply to the Hanging Bar. Thus, it is probably legal that you can grapple the Hanging Bar. (And frankly, it doesn’t make much sense for this to be disallowed).

Thanks for explaining.

Actually 2 motors geared 1:3 will be enough but if you have extra motors you will want them on the lift probably.

I’m also thinking of using a scissor lift for scoring and lifting but it would be heavy I could make a winch out of the tubing so the lift could be geared for speed in the match, but I’m not sure with the motor limit

Wouldn’t that be kind of slow? Like an average of 10 seconds?

What about a rubber banded 4 bar lift that would then be pulled by a nylon rope? That would be able to reach the pole in the corner of the field, and should be high enough to reach the pole. We should realize that the lifts don’t have to be huge, they just have to extend 2x the robots height (18 x 2 = 36) and that would give you 6 inches of being able to attempt to hook on.
Another thing, I think the winch and pulley kit would be INSANELY useful for lifting in this competition. It would allow the ease of lifting in the tiniest of space, and would be very fast and efficient.