Best mechanism for this season? Flywheel, Catapult, or Puncher

I would say build your own idea . Use decision matrices and pro/con charts to determine which one is the best for you. Don’t simply copy teams because they are know and have a working robot, You will have a better notebook and understanding of the game if you think of your own ideas instead of coping.


For this seasons robot the goal is to get the most points possible do you think constructing a robot that can take the supply cubes and be able to get in the supply zone would be a good start.

Good sir, I believe you are referring to ig, this thread is for vrc over under. If you have ideas you would like to share, or are looking for other’s opinions, you should start a new thread and label it IQ.

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We are using a range change catapult, seems to work pretty well.


@meng You can add weights to make it less time and it goes pretty close to no time but also since you can only possess 1 triball at a time flywheel is less optimal because you have to wait like 3 seconds for it to spin up (no pun intended) every time you want to intake a triball, and you have to make an indexer, but with cata you just have to have it loaded and intake the triball in. Also, cata is better for skills because it has a low arc and high arc and you can load it like a slapapult for low ark also you can use a cata with a puncher/kicker (we are doing it with a puncher) but you can’t really do that with a flywheel. Wow that was a lot lol.

Thanks for the info.
But you are directing it to the wrong person.
Trust me - I do know quite a bit of how the different mechanisms work.


And you’re leaving out a type of mechanism also…

Ah yes, the inter continental rail-gun particle accelerator! How could I forget. Main downside is its range/max speed is only 3 light years at .93c.


the sabot version has a 4 light year range

I would recommend a slingshot(Look up “why not alliance and look at the robot bounce”).

P.S. Look at the explanation.

Any ideas on how to make a puncher go faster with little to no reload time?

Yeah, if you need more shots per minute, change your gear ratio or your motor cartridge. Also using a larger pinion and a double slipgear can double your firing rate.

Assuming you have a punching mechanism now, analyze it. What is its current rate of fire? What rate of fire do you think you need? What controls the rate of fire? Of the factors that control rate of fire, what can you change? If you change those factors, are there downsides?

Following the Engineering Design process leads to good results!


If you are referring to preload shooting, there is only so fast that you can shoot it, as there is only so fast your teammates can load the triballs into the mechanism to shoot them. This could entirely depend on your teams skill and how you were planning to do this.

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How can I integrate the puncher into the hero bot striker?

This is flawed, for any team that wants to do well in this competition will not be wasting time on watching triballs in the air.

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I am asking this question because I am doing skills

Slight shift. Since flywheel is mentioned here several times, has anyone experience problems with moving bots with spinning flywheels on board? Mounted vertically versus horizontally?
It seems it should become a gyro, and turning motion should cause bad effects through conservation of angular momentum.

This is a really vague question. What I can tell you is that the herobot doesn’t have the space or structural capacity to house a puncher with the power to send a triball across the field. You can try, but that’s just not gonna happen. If you like the idea of a puncher, build a robot with a puncher. That is a much better idea then trying to ziptie a pre-made puncher to a herobot. There are some very good puncher bots I’ve seen, so the idea is not impossible. Good luck with your robot!

The mass of a VRC flywheel is not a significant proportion of the robot mass. This is not a minator from battlebots situation. You will not notice gyroscopic progression if you use a flywheel.