Best middle school teams

What are some of the best middle school teams in the world? I know there is something similar to this but I want this for only middle school

From Kentucky, I would for sure say 83490A. I also know that 9364X from Brentwood is AMAZING.

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Yep, we picked 9364X at TN State Championship and won with them. They’re great!:smiley:


For Virginia I would say 1231D and 88895a are both strong teams and 1231D’s autonomous is very good. We are pretty good as well😂


The ones that I’ve personally seen in action that really impressed me:

  • 42111N from Ohio
  • 3141R from Nebraska
  • 88909X from California
  • 315Y from California

It would be difficult to call anybody best in the world as that is a question for the end of April but with the conclusion of state championships this week and next we will at least know who has had robot luck sprinkled upon them on the local scene. And in Kentucky that is 7177Z and 7177B. The Z team also took their 4th straight Excellence Award and the B team put up a top 30 Robot Skills score

94065J and 88909X have both been very impressive recently in California.