Best moment this season?

It’s beginning to be the time where the season starts to wind down as some teams that haven’t qualified for their regional championships finish their last competitions. So I ask to everyone here, what is the best moment you’ve had through this whole season?

At our second competition, we were picked by the 8th seed, and had no chance of winning against the 1st seed because of the alliance we had. The first seed was @RLA111 (675E), so we had came together and decided that they would lift us at the end of the match, and it happened. I do not have the link to the video, but it you search “675E vex” on youtube, you can find it on his channel. I haven’t ever heard of this happening any other time this season, so it’s pretty unique to me.

I have also enjoyed the judging interviews this season because I love to tell others about the design process of our robot.

High elevating was pretty great.

Then there was my (personally) first tournament win in the second tournament of the seasons. But we did beat two of the best teams in the state 2-0 in Finals at the next tournament, when we thought we would lose for sure.

Watching all the videos of high lift fails and learning from them.

I really enjoyed watching a strategy than an 8th seeded alliance used to beat the first seed in game 1 of quarterfinals several months ago. The first seed shot preloads at the end of the match, so the 8th seed’s better robot scored normally while their other robot parked in front of red’s loading zone and prevented red from getting in to shoot preloads. It culminated in a questionable DQ when the first seed plowed into the blocking robot and broke one of their wires.

It was also great to see the first successful high lift in August. Even the other alliance was jumping up and down.

The last competition in quarter finals the number one alliance (which sadly was not us) had scored 350 points in balls and had extended their high elevating mechanism with about 20 sec.s to spare and their teammate got on it crooked :frowning: , i felt bad for them, so close to 400.

A tie 175-175 between alliances 1 and 8 in the second round of finals this past Saturday. Nothing this season so far has topped it for me except maybe a highlift in the last 3 seconds by a field only robot at my first tournament.

This was one of my favorite moments as well and was by far the most entertaining! I actually think that swampbotics 2105 also lifted the opponents which happened to be another one of their teams but I’m not sure haha.
here is the video that @3921 mentioned

another one of my favorite moments was when we scored 301 when we allied with our all freshmen team :slight_smile:

I feel you… >_<

My favorite time so far has to be from my team’s first tournament. In the finals there was a lot of defense and the crowd was going crazy. Especially when us and our alliance made all four of our balls in auton. We ended up losing in the last match of the finals but the energy was awesome. Hoping for even better moments at state and hopefully worlds!

Last second shot.
180 no scope

That was beautiful…

Match was tied 221-221 when it ended, 10 seconds after the match went in, a ball went into the low goal.

In QF 4-1 at our last tournament, we were the second seed, we had a great match and thought it would be our highest scoring match of the season as we lifted. The score went up and it was 202-4 we looked at the field again and thought we had a higher score. We asked the head ref and he went to check on it. It turns out they didn’t count the high lift. It was really 252-4. That is the second highest score in our state for this season. Let’s just say we were very happy.

We also won the tournament against the #1 seed in the finals, best part of my season so far

Best moments in WA and Canada VEX:

Buzzer beaters :slight_smile:
Although the all time best buzzer beater was the one from Skyrise:
I’ve yet to see a buzzer beater that wins the match, though.

Oh, and I like midair ball collisions. Even though one of those with our alliance cost us a match (3rd finals to be specific)…

We (7504X and 60X) are from the north Texas area and decided to go to the Space City tournament hosted by the Robonauts. It was a great tournament and everyone made us feel so welcome. It was very competitive, but very relaxed and friendly. We were knocked out by 118, but my boys won the Excellence Award. Thanks south Texas!

My buddy Tom from Norristown who was ref, getting hit with a NBN ball like it was on America’s Funniest Home videos if you know what I mean… (sorry for our non-US friends, the reference may be lost on you)

Not just safety glasses are needed I guess. :wink:

We had an amazing 4 match final at a regional we recently attended. I was on the losing blue alliance, but I’m happy we put up a good fight.

That is one awesome competition venue, beats a school gym. (Well it might be a tad smaller)
Thats a lot of double omni wheeled robots, bunch of teams copying you? :wink: And lastly… That lift on the red alliance is really interesting. (Considering I’m building something similar) It appears to be this robot:

It would appear that a 4 match finals qualifies as the best moment in any situation. :slight_smile: