Best moment this season?

Tb to that match , we were red doing skyrise.

My best moment had to have been having 4 bonus balls in my bot and then getting caught on someones rubber band intake and dragged across the field but still making the bonus balls #pneumatic brakes
That or when cheezy poofs (254E) took a timeout in the finals to build a block bar that worked only to tie in the 3rd match with a last second lift, by far the most intense match.
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My favorite moment this season was during qualification matches when our team (a field bot) beat a good full-range shooting bot. They had a bot with no launcher and our partner didn’t show, so it was essentially a 1v1. We dominated the field, scoring 8 bonus balls, and a last second-shot into the low goal won us the match 133-132.

Scoring 250 points by myself.

My favorite moment this season was going into a tournament as 4th seed, because I gave the fourth seed alliance captain a cookie xD, and winning the tournament when we thought we would have lost because of all the good teams there, 1st seed had @3921 and that was fun. What made the tournament even better was that we had to redo one of the finals matches against the 2nd alliance and even though they put up a really good fight, we won basically because of a cookie.
this is the very last match -

It was an amazing venue. A true british stereotype. In the UK teams have tried to copy my robot but the other two double omnis in the final are very different to mine.
You are correct about the lifting robot. That video you posted is of an older version but basically the same.

Last second lifts are awesome!

Very last second lift.