Best Overall Chassis Design?

My team has been using a quick mock up (200Rpm, 1:1, 4M) drive. its pretty basic but with the V5 motors is there really much point spending too much time building a better one? or what good-ish chassis would work?

im prototyping a shared dr4b/ 4 motor drive on 200 rpm motors.

I would highly recommend making a chassis that is incredibly strong, lightweight, and has plenty of mounting points. This way, you build the chassis once, and can build many designs off of it before you have to move the connecting mounts for the chassis frame. My team was stuck with steel (we need the weight) and used 17.5" by 17.5" 3 wide c-channel for our chassis. To connect the two sides, we sandwiched these c-channels with more c-channel in the back and then put another bar across the middle-ish. This way, our chassis is extremely stiff yet somewhat flexible and we have yet to come across a problem where these frame bars need to be moved. Very versatile!


Yeah thats bascially what my teams doing! Just pretty plain at the moment. My team has been thinking of making the switch from Omni-wheels to mecanum tho which could change a lot.