Best place to mount the vex gyro

Where is the best place to mount the vex gyro to get the most accurate readings while turning? I assume at the center of the robot (or center of rotation) but does it really matter?

No, the location of the gyro does not matter at all. JPearman found that mounting the gyro on rubber links helps reduce drift though.

Exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks mwang17.

Since I’m using the gyro this year, and would like to limit drift as much as possible. What is the part number for the rubber links? Also, can you direct me to where I can find the process used to come to the conclusion that the rubber links help with drift?

Here are the rubber links, but i could not find the thread in which @jpearman found that rubber links reduced drift.


There is more to this just just using rubber links, you need to experiment.