Best Place To Order Poly-carbonate (Europe)

Hi, where is the best place to buy poly-carbonate that is compliant with the rules of the VRC


Liam Grazier
Team 5119
A.K.A. Black Mesa

Maybe try local hardware / home improvement stores?

In the long run though (like long long run…), you can always purchase enough of them when you are at WC.

Sorry for the lack of concrete information but that’s the general “pattern” as to physical stores that sell polycarbonate in the US.

And maybe you can check McMaster Carr to see whether they deliver to Europe? (Save this for last though)

Amazon is a good place to start even in the UK… not sure this is regulation thickness or not.

Amazon also showed an ad for this place which seems much cheaper. 2.02 puounds per 3mm thick A5 sheet seems about right - even with that pretty high VAT you all have in the UK. Sorry no polycarb in the duty free shop on the way back from the US. :slight_smile:

Some UK suppliers are listed below, I wasn’t sure where you were located so no idea how close any of these are to you. Going to pick this stuff up is generally preferred to shipping it as the large pieces are generally cheaper to purchase but more expensive to ship.

Hope these are useful.](

One other thing to consider is the plastic rules have changed for sack attack, the plastic can now be one of the approved list of plastic types (that don’t shatter) so you should probably look into the pricing and availability for the different types, not just polycarbonate.

Ok cheers ! … will defo look at different options :smiley: