Best power strip for a "power wall"

Hey everyone,

I am a teacher who manages about 30 kits, so as you can imagine that is a lot of batteries charging. My idea is to make a wall out of plywood and screw battery clips to it and drill holes at each clip with a V5 power cord coming through to be able to hang and charge about 10-20 batteries at a time.

My main problem is the power brick that charges the V5 batteries is big enough that they don’t fit side by side on most power strips. so when I have 10 slots, I can only fit 5 chargers. I was wondering if anyone had any power strips or squids that could accommodate my design with 1 or 2 strips.

Thanks in advance!

Look on Amazon for a 5 ft power strip. They are spaced further apart to accept bigger transformers.
Second choice is look up pigtails, small extension cables to bring the transformer away from the power strip.

Edit: I’ll try to send a pic of what we did later.


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