Best Programming language for VEX IQ

What do you guys think the best programming language for VEX IQ is?
VEXcode- Easiest to use and can access features like playing notes from the brain
Modkit- Never used but its like VEXcode, but a bit harder to configure.
RobotC- Very good as it is a C-based programming language. Best if you want to have a future career in robotics.
Flowol- Never used, dont know how it works.

What do you guys think is the best, and did I miss any programming lagnuages for VEX IQ?

Great question…

This has all of the options:

At the bottom you will see the other options:


I personally like both:

  1. VEXcode IQ - v2.0 Preview
  2. Robot Mesh Studio

They are both under development and will keep up with any changes. They both allow you to program with blocks and text, and will translate a blocks program into text.

RMS will actually read your motor and sensor setup automatically and will give you real time values off of your motors and sensors. That’s a real treat.

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I personally like robotc, it is easy to start with and not hard like Vex Code, Just to let u know I still do not know how to use Vex Code becouase it is really confuing to me

really? It is just like scratch but i think i know what problem you might have-
Maybe you cant see the drivetrain section, or the motion section?
To the left of the help button, you will see a button, like a tether cable( not sure how else to describe it) and it will say devices. From here it is straight forward. Depending on your drivtrain, either select two-drivetrain motors or four drivetrain motors. For the clawbot ( built upon a standard drive base) you would select 2 drivetrain motors. Left motor- Port 1, right motor- port 6. Now, you will have the drivetrain options. But the clawbot has two more motors, one for the arm and one for the claw. Go to add device> motor>select port- For the arm, it is port 10- so you would select port elevn- you can also rename the motor and call it ARM. Do the same for the claw but use port 11. You can also add the bumper- port 8. Now the programming is easy. Use the drivetrain as normal. For arm and claw- use the spin claw/arm forward for a certain amount of degrees.
Not sure how else to help- i find it pretty simple, once you have have all your motors and sensors set up.

Bear in mind that only VEXcode and RMS work on mac as well. You also need to judge the availability off these softwares as well as the practical usage

I haven’t experimented much with RMS and vexcode, as by the time I found out about them, the season was over. I have used robotc, and it works fine, even though it’s only on windows. Also, vexcode currently doesn’t allow multiple files for viq. I’m not sure about RMS as I haven’t used it.

I’m sure you can accomplish the same thing with any of them.

what do you mean by multiple files

RobotC is not currently under development. I’m not trying to knock it, and I still know some local teams that still use it. But it is what it is and if something does eventually break it won’t be supported or fixed.

I think for someone starting fresh both would be as good, so I would go with the platform that is being updated.

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RobotC The RobotMesh blocks are next, but I’m teaching RobotC

so what would you suggest - because i can do both robotc and vexcode- Im thinking of using vexcode for viqc but might switch to robotc

You should use vexcode. Robotc is getting old now.

ye thats what im doing but professionally, a c-based language is best…- but since im doing competitions right now, i think i will stick to vexcode

Not necessarily. It depends on what you’re making. Plenty of languages which aren’t C are used in the real world. Python, C++ (which is what Vexcode uses), Javascript. I would never say C is the end all be all language.


VEXcode IQ supports programming in C++ now, if you want to program your IQ robots in something c-like you should probably be using VEXcode anyway.

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ye because it has the code viewer thing, and convert to text project which shows it in C programming

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did this help @Sharky_do

Yes it helped me understand it much better @Banjo2rise

great ! 20 characters

I guess you’ve never programmed a PLC using RLL? There’s a lot of machinery (and robots) with PLC’s running them!


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