Best Region for States in California

What’s the best region to participate in for states in California? My team and I haven’t really seen any of the teams from Pasadena so we don’t really know too much about them.

Team 62 is really, really good (they got 345 in robot skills last week). Other than that, I’m in pretty much the same boat. Hopefully 4800 will be a force to be reckoned with as well (in case that wasn’t obvious enough, I am a member of 4800). We have made many improvements since our last competition in December, and they will be tested in a week at the Highland Games in Bakersfield. I know 1138 and 1138B at the Bakersfield States are really good, and I am not sure about the San Jose one. I don’t recognize any of the teams going to that one. Hopefully no one signs up for the Pasadena States from today’s tournaments, and we qualify a second team at the Highland Games, so we can have 2 teams there. If Pasadena is full by next Saturday, we will just have to sign up for the San Jose one (if we win, of course).

This was from our last competition at northridge link text.