Best Region

What regions/countries do you guys think have the best teams?

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100% China
For sure
Without a doubt


in the US, I’d say SoCal is definitely up there.


I’m contractually obligated to say ohio


Singapore is definitely one of the best, too.


I guess that the Earth region has the best teams, but we haven’t seen a team yet from outside our atmospheres. Maybe all the other teams are stuck on Uranus.

Anyways, I feel like “The best teams” is a bit broad. Are you asking which one is most likely to win a Vex Competition, or which one is more likely to raise the best engineers? Frankly, I feel that the latter is more important.


It’s probably the ones that are the most likely to win.

(But I agree that raising the best engineers is the main goal.)

Well… there is always a vexdb… if you are looking at statistics…


Not Arizona. As far as im aware we’ve never made it to the round robin.

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In the 8 years of rankings on VEXdb, British Columbia has amassed a qualifying record of 430-231-13 at Worlds.

You can use many measures to determine ‘best region’, but a 65% win ratio at worlds from a reasonably large region over the course of 8 years will be tough to match, I think… at least on a quantitative basis.

We’ve had one world champion, at least one finalst, and a few divisional champions… this year ‘only’ one divisional finalist.

But to get the qualitative feel… come visit for a tournament, particularly the “A” division at the Pacific Northwest Championships where you can play with the top 24 teams. Teams at that event tend to have a higher winning percentage at worlds than they do at the event!



Ohio is super competitive. Not only in competitions, but also in notebooking, leadership, and programming. Let’s just say there’s a reason 2011 won Worlds Excellence…


Ohio has Rob Alliance, so that’s probably why.

California, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, and Connecticut, in no order, are in my opinion the best in the United States.

China, Singapore, the United States, and Canada are the best countries.

It is really hard to rank them, the ranking shift around a lot, but in general, it is safe to say China is the best region. For now…


New Zealand op


Actually, Rob Alliance is kind of new. But it was huge last year, and it’s growing quickly in usefulness. In a few years, Rob Alliance will be pretty epic.

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The Heartland Region (Iowa/Nebraska) is a very competitive region.


Texas is 4 regions, of which, South is the best.

I think a case could be made for Wisconsin being mentioned as well. For Turning Point, the 6 High School and 3 Middle School teams combined to go 64-34-1 (65%) in qualifying and one middle school team won their division and made it to Freedom Hall for the finals. I would need more time to look up more historical data but I believe Wisconsin represents quite well.


North is the best

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I legally have to say the true north strong and free.


Obviously Washington State
(brought to you by RainyAppleGang)

But honestly I think Texas has had the most alliances and probably more success in the states. China has some insane teams, though.

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