Best robot in your state/region for Turning Point


I know someone did this last year, but I’m interested to see if the same teams would be on this list!


5090A and 5090Z


that’s tough. there are so many strong teams in socal lol.



Yeah… no. I wish.




9922Z, 7853D (I think), and I would like to think my team. There are probably some others I don’t know about.


I am not sure how to choose between - 8059A or 8059X or 8059Z…? :stuck_out_tongue:


Practically all of 1320, 1275, a few teams from 675 and 4 out of 5 teams from 1961 are powerhouses in our region.


76209G and X … because we’re the only teams in our country


You are therefore the default national champions!


For Hawaii it’s probably 4142A/B and 359A. But it was shown that their robots were beatable at states as they all went out in the semi finals.


Oof, Cali is big.

In all of Cali, 315, 86868, and 6627 are probably the ceiling. Specifically in Socal, 21, 1437, 6627, 1138, 448, and 45464 are all really strong.


In Hawaii 2460A for their cap speed and agility.


The 27183R and V teams and One Kelvin. All three are at the top of the skills rankings in our state.


Here in MN 8110R/X/C are all pretty good


You are part of Ripbotz fan club correct. I am part of Nebula 20610N. We are from morgantown, and were teamed up with Ripbots in the WestWood Qualifier. We are coming to the tournament that you will be at this week end.


SoCal, just socal, no specific team, just the entire thing


Not trying to be biased, but I’d say 7121E in Florida, though a lot of the South Florida teams are pretty powerful


In Indiana, 574C and 6842Z


I would agree on that but you guys are definitely up there also.