Best robot in your state/region for Turning Point


I would say for Southern New England, S tier - 9605A, 1784Z and A+ Tier - 81118P, 4478X & V are all at the top, then most of the other teams are just really sub-par. I think B+ Tier - 1784X, 2602H and 6916D have chances to be good, but those 5 teams are just really up there. Most of the teams I have seen sit around B- tier or even lower. TP has some real bad bots XD.


probably Alumination followed by 2158X


South West Texas has a few big teams that are pretty even. 26982E 11495A 11495B 59990Z 2158R 2158K


K didn’t really do well in Katy, I’d say the CANs’ best teams are R and X
A (my team) is just code monkys and K is unpredictable


2114V and 2114X are at least as good.
8800X has a great team and always fields a competitive robot.
52351A was a great MS team now in HS.

There are several other teams that have surprise potential.


Okay. I haven’t competed against y’all in a while so I wasn’t sure. I look forward to seeing y’all at the the Showdown.


In Alabama it’s either between 8685Z, 8388A, and a BrewTech bot. Not sure which one though.


Indiana has quite a few good teams (Listed not in specific order)
Hard to tell when tournaments get cancelled though, I’m sure we will have more than one more organization pop up :slight_smile:


You forgot 574C/D :wink:


I see how it is.



You’re like, 300% better than 1275A, who probably doesn’t need to be on that list.


Cali HS - 315G, 254A, 86868R
Cali MS - 315Y, 1868K, 11101A


I agree; 254A is really good from what I hear.


From what I have seen from southern new england the best teams here are 9605A, 81118P, 375X, 2442B and C, 4478X V and D. The region seems pretty competitive but there is definitely a gap between the best teams and the rest of them. I also haven’t seen the 1784 teams so I didn’t include them but from what I have heard they are pretty good too.


Those are definitely some of the top teams in Florida (I’d put them in the top 5 in the state overall).

I would also add 3131V for North Florida, and maybe 67766A and 212B.

For South Florida, the best would include 4411S, 4154B, 7121D/E, 910X, and 77788J/Y.

For middle school, I haven’t seen any of these teams in action, but based on their results, the best seem to be 1365A, 13001A, 6105B, 77788H, and 63724A.

Edit: 11342A was also one of the top robots in South Florida, but they haven’t competed since mid-November (although they will be back this Monday at the USF Signature Event - which looks like it still has a few open spots, by the way).


I didn’t wanna be that guy, but ok :wink:


Eastern PA: 169A and 91A


Colorado: 6047


5150J from southern new england has a competitive robot but their autonomous/driving isn’t as good as the top teams.


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Jess is great

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