Best robot in your state/region for Turning Point


Michigan MS
-1375 both teams


I agree, but I find that 52351A and both 2114 teams are more welcoming in alliance selections than the 5090 teams and 8800X. I had personal experience with Shoot 'N Score (Allianced) and Radio Active (Declined our invitation).


For NZ i’d say its pretty close for top 3 but this is my thoughts.

  1. 2941A
  2. 2941A
  3. 2941A

We have a lot of good teams here, some close contenders would be 2941B and 2941C. Lower down we have some semi-competitive teams like 2900A and 2921R. There is also teams that can do well if put with a good alliance to carry them like 240P.


Most of the 8778 roster dominates the Missouri middle school division. They’ve beaten out a lot of high school teams and regularly out perform high school students at competitions.


I would definitely say 315. They’re also pretty fun to scrimmage against.


8349E, 8349B, and 6135K


Is Revelation Robotics any good? They’re first in the state for skills. (41091A)


Skills sometimes does not mean anything


I haven’t competed against them, so I’m not for sure either. Their Youtube videos seem like they are OK, but they’re a cap bot, so it’s hard to tell.


7422 B
yes its my sister team but they have won 5 tournaments so far


Ohio middle school is definitely most 42111 teams with 8609 and some 4810.


for northern new york I’d say 55055A, 709S, 34000E, 34000R, and let’s hope 53999F and 53999C (:


the clearer powerhouses down in SoCal I’d say are 45464Z, 62 in general, 363A, 88000K, 7700 (in general pretty good), and countless others I’m surely missing. This region is too OP.


but none will ever match what 202/202Z was haha
though you guys are close this year


We just had our state championships and the winners were 929U and 5588C


Quite a few good teams in mass and ct, 9065a has definitely proven itself, following in his tracks are 81118p, 4478x/v, 1784z, 375x, and 2442 is always good. this year will be interesting. good luck all.


1561H “Hercules”
9545W “The Thunder”
9545B, 40500M “Meme Machine”
4004Y “YNot!”


NJ’s got quite a few good teams popping out to worlds ngl, 3815M, 5249Z and 7405P are particularly strong ones


For Virginia, I’d say 1231C is the best I’ve seen


Did you talk to them before hand? They may have had plans.