Best Robot You Know Of

Throughout the season, there have been lots of reveals and competition videos with all kinds of different robots. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but I was curious as to which robots you think are the best.

I would say that the best robot in a competition video would be China Scissor Lifts. Their robots are incredibly efficient and with their 4-bar at the top and goliath rollers, some of the best I’ve seen.

Basically, there are six types of good robots:
-Scissor Lift Robot (Internal)
-Scissor Lift Robot (External)
-Reverse Double 4-Bar (Internal)
-Reverse Double 4-Bar (External)
-Chain Bar (Internal)
-Chain Bar (External)

I will be keeping this top post as up-to-date as possible with people’s opinions, type of robot, and link.
China 7671 - Scissor Lift Robot (Internal)
OSIZR by ALBA - Chain Bar (Internal)
China Semifinals - Reverse Double 4-Bar (Internal)
1961X - Reverse Double 4-Bar (Internal)

Osizr by ALBA

It’s simple yet effective

Easily either any of these:
Or some of the California robots that have been leaked.

Definitely 1961 X. An extremely well built robot, with a skilled driver. They along with another 1961 team, were far, far better than anyone else at our last competition.

Would you happen to have a link to a competition video or reveal? Also what kind of robot is it?

There were a couple of videos on it, but the team requested that they be taken down because they did not give their permission to have their robot recorded. Unless somebody saved those videos elsewhere, there is no way to see their bot on video anymore. However, I think I remember the specs of their robot pretty precisely:

4 motor 1:1 hi-speed drive
4 motor 1:5 (not sure if torque or hi-speed) dr4b
1 motor 1:3 four bar (instead of chain bar)
1 motor 3:7 goliath intake
2 motor 1:5? mobile goal intake

The main reason their robot was so amazing is because they did all of the driver loads in about 10 seconds flat. It’s insane. However, there are still some definite improvements that could be made to that bot, like transferring two of the arm motors into being a 6 motor drive. That’s what my team is doing currently, and it’s working great.

Wow… I am thankful for the comments on my driving, I didn’t think it was that good. Also i didnt even know the videos were taken down; I guess someone on my team did. Sorry guys, pls understand. Yes while it is true that my robot might be among the top teams, there are many changes we are planning on making to make stacking much faster. However, your specs on my robot are slightly off.

4 motor HS 1:1 drive
4 motor torque 1:5 DR4B
1 motor HS 1:3 4 bar
1 3:5 rollers
2 motor 1:5 mogo intake.

Thanks! Your robot does sound rather incredible, and I plan on building a similar one, but with a scissor lift rather than a DR4B.

I watched the videos of your robot on YouTube before they wer taken down, and also saw in person. The reason I said your driving is so good, is because it looked like there wasn’t much automation in your stacking, it appeared to be all manual. Considering you use many mechanisms to stack, and stacking at such high speed, means you must have mastered the controls. We finished our robot the day before the competition, so I had little driving practice. But seeing how much a difference a good driver makes, our team has set a goal to have the robot done 2 weeks before the next competition, to allow for maximum driver skill. You did a good job of inspiring us for the next comp!




such control

1961X is at a lot of the same competitions and they are usually in the top 5. People beat them, but they have more consistency with their scoring.

7700R is defiantly a team to watch out for

I think that the China scissorlifts are good, but would be better without the Goliath rollers and intead have a mechanism thhat can put the cone on top of the stack, then release thwm while going down instead of up, out, and then down.

So basically 7700R

Egg zach teely
(That means exactly)

7700R style intake definitely looks effective.

It’s why they’re #1 in the world on the elo rankings

Are you guys kidding? This is the beast-
This is the new Mira btw. R6 Season change, so I changed my name.