Best Rope/String for Engame


Right now, my team is using a type of yarn for the endgame. We wondering if other teams had tested other materials such as fishing line, sting, or others. And before you say test it yourself, we don’t want to buy a bunch of material that we aren’t going to end up needing.


No we just guessed

We like to use braided kelar.


I’m braiding a couple pieces of yarn together.

I think I’m going to use nylon thread about 0.5 mm in diameter. This stuff won’t break and you can get a lot of it wrapped around a weight. :thread:

Whatever you do, pick some wild color that no one else is using to make the referees job easier!:slight_smile:


of if you’re feeling evil:


Or if you really want to make your refs happy, coordinate with all the teams in your area to design string-expansion mechanisms where the string can be quickly swapped out, and agree that everyone will use red or blue string according to their alliance color in each match :slight_smile:


I have founded that fishing line is a bit annoying to work with, but it does work.

I use braided nylon rope. It doesn’t tangle easy and it is easy to work with. I use white, but I’m pretty sure it comes in other colors too.

HONGDA Nylon Twine Yellow

Bright yellow rope that doesn’t tangle easily.

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Not exactly answering your question, but is yarn allowed? I believe the rules say it has to be nylon but I might be tripping…

I feel like yarn would fray or break very easily.

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I think the game manual has the answer for your dilemma : )

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Therefore, the best string would be a single strand of cooked spaghetti


seeing as I have worked with fishing line my entire life, I highly recommend not to use it for a lot of reasons.

paracord is durable, and cut resistant, but can be a bit pricey