Best rubber band for catapult?

Are there any third party, affordable and competition-legal rubber bands that don’t snap every five seconds? Any suggestion is most welcome! :slight_smile:

We like Platinum Tire brand.

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I prefer the vex silicone ones, they hold a lot of energy and I’ve never broken one. They are good for high power but don’t stretch very far.

We use blue and orange bands from the Alliance brand. The blues have more power but wear out faster while the orange bands have less power but last longer

You can also try latex tubing, what I used for a catapult last year


Staples rubber bands. 100 pack for like $8 and they only break if you get a cut in them.

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My organisation doesn’t like to use expensive VEX rubber bands so we use these ones which are really thick and great for catapults

(J.Burrows No.109 Rubber Bands 500g | Officeworks)

if you want a slightly thinner one here are some, you get more here as they are lighter and quantity is based off weight not amount.

J.Burrows No.64 Rubber Bands 500g | Officeworks

The 109 rubber bands in your first link do not meet the spec listed in the robot rules (R7h). One of those things that you likely get through inspection, but you should avoid anyway. You are breaking a rule that your description indicates provides gain of function.


Sorry I wasn’t aware of this rule and I did not mean to spread mis-information. I’ll change the rubber bands on my catapult soon then.

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Just checking are these the rubber bands that you mentioned? #64 Black Rubber Bands (3.5" x 1/4") – Platinum Rubber


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