Best screws/nuts

What kind of screws and nuts are you guys using for your robot to cut weight??

Cutting weight through lighter screws and nuts isn’t nearly as worth it as learning to properly cut weight by building with less metal. It doesn’t have too much benefit unless you’re already making everything super light while building.

Plastic screw that you can buy on amazon

Screws and nuts can add up to about 2.5 pounds, which is more than the weight of 15 full length two wide c channels, so cutting weight in screws can be beneficial. However, aluminum and nylon screws are an extra expense, more difficult to tighten well, and not as strong. If dropping 1.5 pounds sounds worth it to you, then try aluminum screws.

Robosource has aluminum screws for sale:
If you want even less weight you can try nylon screws , but their selection is somewhat limited. Personally, if you’re looking for screw quality, I would recommend star drive screws (which you would have to buy new tools for) but they don’t strip as easily and can be reusable.
To be honest, steel is the way to go most of the time, especially if you’re using it as a joint because it can withstand more than aluminum and nylon.

If you’re trying to get screws, I personally recommend McMaster (It’s a lot cheaper)

Just remember to select 8-32 threads and the driver to be hex.

Just wondering, how did you come about the 2.5 pounds estimate?

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Aluminum screws are great to save weight, because they are strong enough for the majority of non-nigh stress points on a robot. Even though nylon screws are even lighter, I personally feel that the strength of aluminum outweighs the small weight difference.

If you prefer to stick with steel screws, you will find that nylock nuts weigh a lot. You can replace them with keps or thin nylock nuts, both of which weigh about the same and will never have any strength issue. We also offer the thin nylock nuts:

I’ve taken to use nylon screws to secure bearings. Good way to keep them in place while not using so much weight

the best screws and nuts (my opinion)
Image result for star drive screws star drive screws
and vex nuts

Zipties, rubber bands, and duct tape. Enough said.

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