Best skills score

My team has been able to get 60 in autonomous and 90 in driver skills and I was wondering if this was good enough to do well at our state competition. Could you also tell me the highest skill score your team has gotten/seen.

You can look up the skills rankings of your state here.

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I have seen a 147 by Bangarang F

First, Tell us which state you are from. The highest score for New York that I have seen are 60 programming and 90 driver skill. So, yes. You would win if you are in New York.

We’re in Utah but we haven’t been at a tournament since we got the extra 20 in programming and 90 in driver skills

I was talking about @Bob_the_builder Main post.

Ok. Sorry for the confusion

i am 91 in world rankings and have 93 driver and 40 autonomous

Iq or edr.

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163 for AquaBots 1845A in Mississippi for the IQ Middle School division.

From the about me thing: i am a (very)interested vex iq user that likes building battlebots and weird arm/body designs. i also love gaming.
Also this topic is about IQ

New Zealand VexIQ- Highest automation score 82, ES team 11273A.
Highest driver skills 102, MS team 50067A.

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my score is for VEX IQ.