Best Skyrise Chassis

Hi everyone,

I am planning to build my robot with a Scissor Lift and a Passive Needle Intake. I’m currently thinking about a standard C-shaped chassis, with one or perhaps two stabilizers in the back. Any suggestions on how to improve this or maybe suggestions on using a different chassis?

I’m still a newbie at robotics, so I do not know much about different designs. Thanks for helping!

As many of us have been saying to a lot of newcomers, there is no blanket statement for these kinds of questions. These are things that you want to ask yourself and figure out what your team’s individual design goals are. For example: “Do we want to be extremely speedy or have more pushing power?” “Do we want holonomic movement and will it be feasible to implement in our design?” You might even try and test out different base designs in a CAD program like Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks. Remember that VEX is just as much game strategy as it is about building a quality machine, and you need to consider all aspects equally when designing your robot. Build your robot around the strategy you want to follow, and vice versa.

That being said, you can find many intuitive designs on the forums from over the years. Since it’s still early in the Skyrise season, you won’t find a lot of skyrise base designs since everyone’s coming down from Toss Up, where a raised base design was the norm by the time design convergence was in full effect.

In that case, would you be nice enough to briefly describe the pros and cons of each chassis type? Or send a link to a post that describes them, or something like that.

Here is some stuff to start your search for the chassis that is right for you.

For additional resources, here is a thread with a recent poll for skyrise:

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I Like Botsnstuff…
This year probably a fixed X drive will work fine, but I still wanna do AURA’s flipout drive… That stuff just looks cool, and serves as a transmission.