best skyrise lift/intake

Hey guys ive noticed that quite a few good teams have opted to go with an elevator lift for skyrise. However in my opinion it would be difficult to pick up many cubes (3 or 4 max) with an elevator, plus this lift is rather slow without using a lot of motors. So i was wondering how these teams plan to utilize these lifts. Also if you arent using an elevator what is your ideal lift to go with your intake?

You may want to take a look at the poll results in this thread.

My question is why are the linear lifts that we’re seeing so slow? It seems like they would have the ability to be geared faster since they usually have 4 393 motors.

Ya i saw that but im mainly just curious as to the intake people plan to use with their lifts (specifically elevator lifts). Like how does your intake match your lift. Sorry, the thread title isnt very good

that was in response to highwayman

As for my school their are two working robots one with a linear lift, and one with a reverse double four bar lift. The linear lift robot uses a claw intake and the reverse double four bar robot uses a continuous/side roller intake.

Thanks. To clarify a linear lift uses one motor for each linear slide section? And how many cubes does each carry

Yes, four stages and four motors (I assume this is what you mean), and it can carry about 2 or 3 cubes before its starts binding up, due to the weight of the claw and the cubes.

That seems pretty limited. Any reason it’s weaker or slower than other lift designs?

thanks. how much weight will the reverse 4 bar handle?

The reverse double four bar robot can only lift about 2 and that’s with a lot of tension and 4 motors, before it starts to become crooked were one sides motors burn out and the other side keeps lifting.

It’s actually very fast and strong for a linear lift, because we had tested putting cubes on top of the robot’s lift and could lift them without binding but once they were put into the claw it became front heavy.

Is that typical of a reverse 4 bar? I was hoping to power one using only 2 motors 1:7 gear ratio

Oh, so it’s more of a friction issue rather than reaching the motor stall torque?

Yes exactly, that’s why we are planning on adding tension with latex tubing and adding some lithium grease.

Well I was actually on the team that built the linear lift not a reverse double four bar, although according to the team at my school who built it, they did so in two days before the competition with not much time to tweak so I’m sure you could do 2 motors if you worked on Perfecting it. Also I’m pretty sure they had a 1:7 gear ratio as well.

Which lift do you all think would be able to lift the most weight? Personally I think it would be a scissor

Well honestly a reverse double four bar is meant more for speed and can lift a decent amount of weight if built correctly and same goes for linear motion, but yes I agree scissor lifts would probably be able to lift the most weight, because even though they are slow they have a lot of torque. You would just have to be sure it’s built correctly or it could have stability problems.

Stability problems like this:

Scissor lifts are also one of the hardest to build and maintain. It depends on whether speed with a few cubes trumps a slow lift with many cubes or vice versa. Also does anyone know if an elevator lift can handle a lot of weight?