Best stopper for a catapult

My team just finished a catapult and I was wondering the best way to stop the catapult from going too far. Any suggestions?

You could use a stand-off or a c-channel just blocking it.

A c-channel will be more than enough to stop your catapult

I’d rather suggest something more compression-y like a cut up piece of a traction wheel or flex wheel.

You really need something that can absorb the impact from the catapult and not have it spread throughout the catapult structure and risk breaking or bending the metal. Simply using a c-channel will cause all that Ke radiate throughout the catapult structure, which is bad for the long-term maintenance and use age of your catapult.


Would zip-tying a 1.625” flex wheel to said c-channel be enough to absorb the impact?

Most anything that cushions a bit would work. You’re mostly tryting to aviod metal-on-metal contact. Even some anti-slip mat would do the trick (and might keep teams who haven’t been able to buy flex wheels all season from smacking you for using one as “not a wheel” :rofl: )



I’ve seen it done before, but it all depends on the strength of your arm, and how much cushion you need. I’ve been watching a sister team steady destroy their hardstop, so please, if you have a catapult, cushion it; there are tons of ways to do so.


As RoboCatz said, I tried a simple c-channel just to see, and it snapped back and bent it instantly lol.

I tried adding some mesh to the c-channel and it ended up working great. Thank you for your recommendation.


Our builder has refused to add cushioning to our catapult and it is just stopped by standoffs between c-channels. He is continuously replacing bent and broken standoffs and c-channels. Highly recommend not doing that.


You could always try building your intake so that the disks are used as cushions… :skull::skull::skull:


That’s what I do and the stand off hasn’t bent yet, even after everyone told me not to lmaoo. how strong is that cata💀

Rather than having a compression hard stop for the catapult, which constantly gets destroyed and have to be regularly replaced , you can use a piece of the string that it pull taut to stop it at the end. I’ve seen those working great in the past seasons.


My team used a limit switch, which worked for us.

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